Our sheep graze in herds with a shepherd in nature reserves in the Netherlands and our lamb is e-number and gluten-free.

When sheep are always out in nature, like our Schoonebeeker Heideschapen, they eat an enormous variety of food. We never feed them, they find enough food to stay healthy and strong. The varied menu of our animals has a direct effect on the taste and quality of the meat. The lamb from our Schoonebeeker Heideschapen is leaner than regular lamb and has a fine full game flavour that cannot be compared. It is a healthy and honest natural product from animals that have had a wonderful free life; pure natural meat, without artificial additives.

The Schoonebeeker Heath Sheep

The Schoonebeeker Heideshaap is a graceful breed of sheep with long legs and a beautiful long-haired coat. They are strong animals with a high degree of self-reliance, just like the Black Angus and the Scottish Highlander. This resilience is important because our sheep live outside in nature all year round. When it is lambing time, the ewes usually give birth to a single lamb. Twins occur only sporadically. The ladies take care of the birth all by themselves. They do not need our help.
The Schoonebeeker's large appetite makes them very suitable as 'professional grazers'. Moreover, they are perfectly suited for specialist control of unwanted vegetation such as hogweed and buckthorn. They gobble it all up.

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